Why Finland

Finland is the leading country in innovation

Finland is situated in the heart of the Nordics and it is the European business hub that is closest to China. We are recognized for our high level of R&D talent, first class infrastructure and the world’s best business environment. According to the IT Industry Competitiveness Index 2011, Finland ranks first in the business environment category and second in the overall index score. It is leading ahead of Sweden, United Kingdom, Singapore and Germany.
Global Innovation Index
(Bloomberg 2012)
Best Education in the World
(Economist Intelligent Unit, Pearson 2012)
Highest R&D Expenditure in Europe
(Statistics Finland 2012)
International Property Rights Index
(2012 Report)
Least Corrupt Country
(Transparency International 2012)
Best Country to Run a Business in Europe
(Forbes 2013)


Finland is focused on latest communication technology
Share of industrial R&D, by industry sector and selected country: 2005–2007. Share of communication, TV, and radio equipment (% of all R&D).


Science and Engineering Indicators 2010
www.nsf.gov/statistics/seind10/c4/c4s5.htm (Figure 4-18)

Finland is the closest hub in Europe
The distance between Beijing and selected European cities.


The capital of Finland, Helsinki, is the closest European business hub to China.

Finland has feasible cost level
Comparison of engineer average salaries in selected countries, net salary $ in purchasing power parity.


Source: International Average Salary Income Database, www.worldsalaries.org

Finland invests strongly in R&D
International comparisons of R&D share of gross domestic product in selected countries.


Science and Engineering Indicators 2010, www.nsf.gov/statistics/seind10/c4/c4s5.htm
(Figure 4-11)